About Our Firm

About Our Firm

Rechard S.Ravosa, Esquire

Richard S.Ravosa, Esquire,was one of only fifteen lawyers recognized in 2005 by Massachusetts lawyers weekly as a “Rising Star” of the Massachusetts Bar for his achievements in representing clients with difficult legal obstacles to overcome and his trial skills. Attorney Ravosa is admitted to the practice of law in Massachusetts Connecticut and has a record of success in defending those charged with drunk and driving in courts across Massachusetts. Recently, attorney Ravosa succesfully defended a client who was charged with drunk driving by an off duty police officer and persuaded a judge to dismiss all charges because his client’s constitutional rights had been violated. Attorney Ravosa has been practicing in the criminal courts since 1997.

Justin M. Lavelle, Esquire

Justin M. Lavelle, Esquire has an accomplished record as a criminal lawyer in the Massachusetts Trial Courts. He has successfully represented individuals charged with crimes and has been instrumental in restoring their freedom and peace of mind and has been featured on WWLP Channel 22 TV News for championing the rights of the accused to have legal counsel regardless of their ability to afford an attorney. Attorney Lavelle is a graduate of the university of Massachusetts at Amherst and Western New England School of Law and is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts. He heads the firm’s criminal practice division.

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