Larceny & Theft Crimes

Larceny and Theft Crimes

We defend all manner of theft and fraud crimes in Massachusetts for our clients.  In most cases, jail time is a possibility, and must be treated as a real threat from the start of each case. 

We defend the following theft and fraud crimes (the list is not exhaustive):

-Fraudulent Insurance Claim (G.L. c.266 §111A)
-Identity Fraud by Posing as Another (G.L. c.266 §37E)
-Identity Fraud by Obtaining Personal Information (G.L. c. 266 §37E)
-Larceny by Check (G.L. c. 266 §37)
-Larceny by False Pretenses (G.L. c. 266 §30)
-Larceny by Stealing (G.L. c. 266 §30)
-Larceny by Stealing In a Building (G.L. c. 266 §20)
-Larceny from a Person (G.L. c. 266 §25)
-Larceny of Leased or Rented Personal Property (G.L. c. 266 §87)
-Receiving Stolen Property (G.L. c. 266 §60)
-Shoplifting (G.L. c. 266 §30A)


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