Motor Vehicle Offenses (including speeding tickets)

Motor Vehicle Related Crimes

         We defend SPEEDING TICKETS and all manner of MOTOR VEHICLE violations in the criminal courts of Massachusetts for our clients.  Such offenses include, but are not limited to, the following:

-Attaching Wrong Plates to Conceal Identity (G.L. c.90 §23)
-False Statement in License Application (G.L. c. 90 §24 (2a))
-Leaving the Scene of an Accident (G.L. c. 90 §§24 (2a))
-Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle (G.L. c. 90 §34J)
-Operating Negligently So As to Endanger (G.L. c.90 §24 (2a))
-Operating Recklessly (G.L. c. 90 § 24)

-Operating Without Being Licensed (G.L. c. 90 §10)
-Refusal to Obey Police Officer (G.L. c.90 § 25)
-Road Racing (G.L. c. 90 §24)
-Use of Vehicle Without Authority (G.L. c. 90 §24 (2a))
-Operating Under the Influence of Liquor with .08% Blood Alcohol (G.L. 90 §24 (1))
-Operating Under the Influence of Drugs (G.L. c. 90 §24 (1))
-Operating Under the Influence Causing Serious Injury (G.L. c.90 §24L)

Every case is different and requires an experienced lawyer fighting to protect your rights.  When charged with any of the above offenses (no matter how minor you perceive them to be), it is important to have an attorney looking out for your best interests.  In even the most minor motor vehicle cases, your insurance premiums can be affected and you may lose your license for a time.  A lawyer may be able to negotiate or avoid some of the pitfalls that accompany the charged offense, including fines, loss or revocation of license, and increase of insurance premiums.  Call our office today for a FREE consultation of your case.

Yes, we defend speeding tickets – avoiding fines and license points for our clients whenever possible.