Client Reviews

"John and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michelle L Cote Esq. and Richard Ravosa Esq. from Town and Country Legal Associates for all of their help with our mortgage modification.
Thank you for helping us get a mortgage modification that is at 2% down from 5.99%. It has been a drop in our monthly mortgage payment of $771.08. Thank you to Michelle for being so patient with us as we worked on getting information that you needed.
Again, thank you for all of your hard work. We will recommend Town and Country Legal Associates for helping others get a handle on their financial difficulties."
Husband and Wife from Wayland

"We came to Town & Country Legal during a very difficult time. I found all who work there to be kind and compassionate. They never judged and offered support as well as amazing legal help. They were never to busy to talk or to explain the best course of action to take. Even when you are done with their services they still work for you to get you information about changing legal processes. My husband and I will gladly recommend their services. Thank you Town & Country you saved us!"
Lisa from Holliston

"I went thru a grueling process involving the heart wrenching threat of home foreclosure. Attorney Ravosa consistently comforted me with reassurance and kept me moving in a positive direction. I fully credit Attorney Ravosa’s outstanding knowledge and experience for us prevailing in our quest for justice. Due to his hard work and diligence, my children and I are able to stay in our home. Our situation was resolved with complete satisfaction. I was treated with respect and no matter how many questions I presented, I never was made to feel like a bother. I have highly recommended Attorney Richard Ravosa to several acquaintances of mine and they cannot thank me enough. I am told they have received the same great serive that was given to me. Attorney Richard Ravosa’s knowledge and services surpass all others!"
Cheryl, Chicopee