Other Crimes

Other Crimes We Defend:

Some crimes are difficult to characterize into a category unto themselves; however, we defend most district court criminal charges for our clients.  Police officers may charge defendants with various lesser crimes in an effort to gain a conviction – our job is to fight to protect our clients’ rights and force the prosecution to prove all elements of each crime Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

We defend the following crimes (list is not exhaustive):

-Bail jumping [and other probation violations] (G.L. c. 276 §82A)
-Common Nightwalker (G.L. c. 272 §53)
-Deriving Support from Earnings of a Prostitute (G.L. c. 272 §7)
-Disorderly Conduct (G.L. c. 272 §53)
-Disseminating Obscene Matter (G.L. c. 272 §29)
-Possession with Intent to Distribute Obscene Matter (G.L. c. 272 §29)
-Disturbing the Peace (G.L. c. 272 § 53)
-Escape (G.L. c. 268 §16)
-Failing to Register as a Sex Offender (G.L. c. 6 §178H)
-False Report of a Crime (G.L. c. 269 §13A)
-Giving False Name Upon Arrest (G.L. c. 268 §34A)
-Illegal Lottery (G.L. c. 271 §7)
-Indecent Exposure (G.L. c. 272 §53)
-Intimidating a Witness, Juror, Court Official, or Law Enforcement Officer (G.L. c. 268 §13B)
-Lewd, Wanton, or Lascivious Act (G.L. c. 272 §53)
-Open and Gross Lewdness and Lascivious Behavior (G.L. c. 272 §16)
-Possession of Fireworks (G.L. c. 148 §39)
-Registering Bets (G.L. c. 271 §17)
-Resisting Arrest (G.L. c. 268 §32B)
-Sexual Conduct for a Fee (G.L. c. 272 §53A)
-Unnatural and Lascivious Act (G.L. c. 272 §35)
-Use of a Telephone for Betting (G.L. c. 271 §17A)