Property Crimes

Property Related Offenses (including forgery)

We defend many crimes relative to property.  Every charge must be addressed seriously and promptly. 

We defend property-related crimes including, but not limited to:

-Breaking and Entering (G.L. c.266 §16)
-Burning Insured Property (G.L. c.266 §10)
-Burning Personal Property (G.L. c.266 §5)
-Burning a Motor Vehicle (G.L. c. 266 §5)
-Forgery (G.L. c. 267 §1-8)
-Possession of Burglarious Tools (G.L. c.266 §49)
-Theft, Purchase, Receipt, Possession or Concealment of Stolen Motor Vehicle (G.L. c.266 §28)
-Malicious Damage to Motor Vehicle (G.L. c.266 §28)
-Stealing Parts from Motor Vehicle Without Authority (G.L. c. 266 §28)
-Concealing Motor Vehicle Thief (G.L. c.266 §28)
-Trespass (G.L. c.266 §120)
-Uttering (G.L. c.267 §5-6)
-Wanton Destruction of Property (G.L. c.266 §127)
-Willful and Malicious Destruction of Property (G.L. c. 266 §127)
-Willful or Wanton Destruction of House of Worship, Cemetery or School (G.L. c.266 §127A)


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